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What We Do

About Us

With beautiful HD 360 projections, thematic soundscapes, and interactive light shows right on your dinner plate, The XPot aims to engage all five of your senses to create an extraordinary gastronomic experience where the past and the future collides.

We take the thousand year old hotpot tradition and turn it into an extravagant, ultramodern experience for all generations.

Through years of extensive training, Chef K has mastered the art of traditional Asian cuisine to ensure that your palate experiences the divinity of perfect flavor. Sit back and allow yourself to be welcomed by robots who are happy to serve you as food runners during your visit.

We do not intend to erase the past or forget the virtues of living in the present.
Creating a harmonious future that bridges the complexity and history of all Asian food and its cultures is our holy grail.

Indulge Your Senses


Beautiful. Ethereal. Magical. Futuristic. Our visuals take you to another world where you become part of the experience.

Sound has always been complementary to sight. It allows us to make sense of the world we live in. Our music is always set to fit the right mood so you can chatter away with the people that matter to you the most. The sound of robots whizzing away to get your orders will leave you excited for the next course.

Smell is an enhancement to our tastes. You will always know what’s coming next. We are experts in blending the right amount of traditional spices and seasonings to create those savory, mouthwatering scents you just can’t ignore.

We are meant to taste life to its fullest. It is the garnish of all senses.
Our chefs have designed an exclusive menu that combines classic hot pot ingredients with avant-garde ideas. The X Pot’s flavorful selection of meat are carefully chosen to ensure that you’re always getting the freshest ingredients. We have a large assortment of natural, newly-harvested vegetables and mushrooms. Our noodles are always handmade. Select your food, seasonings, and sauces, and let them sizzle until they are cooked to your liking. Every experience will always be different, as it should be.

The texture of your food is just as luxurious as the world you are experiencing. With dishes that feature special ingredients like our delicate A5 Wagyu beef, you will always be craving that feeling of savory meat melting in your mouth.