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The X Pot


Company Description

The X Pot pays tribute to traditional Chinese cuisine with its hotpot technique, where guests can select and cook their own ingredients at the table in real-time. Together with the abundance of meat, seafood, and vegetable selections, the most adventurous diners will boast giving the guests the ultimate hot pot experience. The X Pot will serve up a unique multi-sensory dining experience such as a 360-degree projection of an interactive light shows that appear on diner’s plates, robots, and “thematic soundscapes.” At our restaurants, guests are presented with the opportunity to enjoy meals without compromise. Working at The X Pot is unlike anything else you’ve experienced before. Since our menu is a journey into a new way of eating, those who prepare, present and serve the food are key to telling our story. Our family of chefs, managers, cooks, servers, bartenders, hosts, dishwashers and more are the key ingredients to our growth and success. Join our growing team and we’ll show you how passionate we are about making your career goals come TRUE.

Job Overview
As a server, you provide superb professionalism to utilize unforgettable memories, and genuine care to clients’ with company value to understand the lucrative level of the dining experience. Ability to enlighten our clients’ and in touch with remarkable care to create lasting memories. The Server will provide attentive service to all global patrons while taking and serving food and beverage orders. Servers are responsible for presenting themselves as a positive reflection of the venue/company while providing exceptional customer care/services. Must have experience working in a high volume and upscale restaurant. Knowledge of Asian cuisine or hot pot style menu is a plus.

Job Description

  • Portrays a positive and lucrative workplace professionalism.
  • Work as a team, assisting all fellow colleagues’ and patrons’ needs and inquiries.
  • Provides prompt, maintain a level of company professionalism that will make clients to return.
  • Efficiently communicates to Management leaders, and FOH team to address any needs and issues from clients.
  • Possesses in-depth full menu knowledges, food items, beverages, wines and general informations of restaurant and company.
  • Maintain and follow Health and Safety Regulations provide by Management team.
  • Master and executes a complete knowledge of company background, menu, and the company’s sequence of services and up selling techniques.
  • Accurately, provides each clients’ with promptly itemized bill and secure payments according to Management procedures.
  • Performs with a sense of urgency to foresee clients needs and support FOH team members all times.
  • Effectively, communicates with Management and FOH team members to rectify any and all requests, comments, or incidents occurs between client’s and FOH Team as a whole.
  • Ensures that assigned sections/stations, side station, tables, and POS stations are well cleaned as company essentials and well stocked all necessities at all times for per shifts.
  • Consistently, work with FOH team to ensure products and items are maintained at establish par levels.
  • Adheres all company established guidelines, procedures, policies, rules, and safety regulations.
  • Maintain or must be able to provide an energetic, upbeat, and upscale atmosphere at all times give welcoming and warm feelings to clients and all FOH and BOH team,
  • Ideally, servers will be required to engage and interact with Clients’ in tactful, knowledgeable, and professional manner.
  • Continually check station before, ruing, and after shift for proper set-up and cleanness of all items.
  • Great the Clients’ in a genuine and courteous manner and explain any specials and/or company events and promotions for Clients’ awareness.
  • Appropriately record the details of the orders/requests from the clients’, up-selling, repeating the orders to the clients’ to check for exactitude.
  • Accurately input the orders in the POS in impeccable compliance with Management protocol in order to inform the BOH/Kitchen of the relevant details in the order being placed/situated.
  • Promptly when order completed, retrieve order from BOH/Kitchen, confirm its exacted, lift and deliver to Clients’ along with proper tools and appropriate condiments/sauces.
  • Accordance from all States liquor regulations; pertains to serve alcoholic beverages to intoxicated client’s and minors are prohibited.
  • Constantly, replenish beverages as necessary and check with all client’s for overall satisfaction of dining experiences.
  • Ensure to market and serve upon clients’ request of any dessert items or specialty beverages for future references.
  • Continually monitor clients’ satisfaction and present check in appropriately manner, price check per company procedures.